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Latin American Handgun

November 12-22, 2024
Cordoba, Argentina.

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Permit Information

Find all the information you need to know to bring your firearms to Argentina, Permits and Deadlines.

Schedule of Events

All the important dates: IROA and MISIA Seminars, Registration, Opening and Closing Ceremonies and more!

Hotels and Accomodations

Argentina is a magic land of infinite wonders that you have to explore! Make sure you check Cordoba Tourism.

The Range

The Tiro Federal Cordoba Shooting Range is one of the best shooting facilities in the Country.

Make sure you read all information about the range, facilities and procedures.

About the 2024 Latin American Handgun Championship

IPSC Argentina Welcomes You to Cordoba! 

With nearly 4 million inhabitants, Córdoba province is the second most populated región in Argentina. It has a precios cultura, historic, and natural heritage that positions it as one of the premier tourist destinations in the country.

1,000 Competitors from 20 Countries

"We are very happy to welcome you to the 2024 IPSC Latin American Handgun Championship"

Ricardo Larrañaga - Match Director

Range Location

The match will be held at the Tiro Federal Cordoba, 17 km from the city of Cordoba downtown.

Important Dates

Nov. 12: Pre-Match Day 1
Nov. 16: General Assembly
Nov. 17: Opening Ceremony
Nov. 18: Main Match Day 1
Nov. 22: Closing Ceremony

Tourism Cordoba

Argentina is here to welcome all visitors with many attractions, great food and wonderful people!


Before contacting Match Organizers, please check this page for more info.


Stay Tuned! Coming Soon Squadding for Pre and Main Match will be announced - check with your Regional Director for more details.

Match Registration

To shoot this match, please Contact your Regional Director HERE.

Schedule of Events

Important Deadlines and all the Information About the Match - click HERE.

News and Updates

Stay Informed with Everything That Is Happening.

MISIA Seminars

Click HERE to Register to the MISIA Seminars.

​”The city of Cordoba and IPSC Argentina can’t wait to welcome you to the 2024 Latin American Handgun Championship – we guarantee you will have a fantastic time surronded by centuries of culture, world-class gastronomy and exciting IPSC shooting”

Ricardo Larrañaga

Match Director

The Host City

Welcome to Cordoba

Córdoba has many historical monuments preserved from the period of Spanish colonial rule, being the most recognizable the “Manzana Jesuitica”, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 2000.

Match News and Important Updates

Welcome to Cordoba, Argentina!

Welcome to Cordoba, Argentina!

Check the Google Earth presentation preapred by IPSC Argentina with everything around the city and the Range: hotels, hospitals, transportation, etc.


IPSC Level IV Matches are the highest level of IPSC continental competition and competitors must be active IPSC members of their respective Regions, in good standing and approved by their Regional Directors

If you wish to attend and compete on this match, you can contact your Regional Director with the option below

I would like to shoot the match. Can you give me a slot?

No. You must apply for a slot from the Regional Director of your Region of residence.

I am a Regional Director but I cannot shoot the Pre-Match. Can I transfer my slot to another party from my Region?

No. The Regional Director’s slot is not transferable. It can only be used by the Regional Director or by his official delegate representing him at the IPSC Assembly when the Regional Director is personally unable to attend.

My friends and I are sponsored by a company. Can we register a team under their name?

No. At Level IV and higher IPSC competitions, teams can only be registered under the name of the Region. However, subject to the approval of your Regional Director, you might be permitted to wear shirts or logos supplied by your sponsor.

I want to shoot with my friend from another region. How can I arrange this?

His or Her Regional Director and yours must both submit a written request to the Match Organizers.

My friends and I would like to form a team. Who should I contact?

Team requests are only accepted from Regional Directors. Note that each Region can only field one team in each Division and Division/Category listed in Appendix A1 of the rulebooks.

Where can I obtain information about being a Match Sponsor?

Please send an email to [email protected]


If you want to attend the 2024 Latin American Handgun Championship, your first point of contact is always your Regional Director.
Find your Region’s e-mail address HERE

Contact Match Director at [email protected]